Sydney Castle Hill will add five high-rise apartment buildings

08 Oct 2017

Castle Hill has long been a haven for detached homes mansion, but great changes will take place soon, which will add a maximum of Sydney One of the high-rise projects. 

According to the Australian News Network, the urban planning division and the new Sydney subway line to be completed in 2019 will encourage the construction of high-density residential projects in the vicinity of Castle Hill Railway Station. 

There are real estate experts say this is the next Chatswood, this area will be transformed into one of the most densely populated areas of Australia. 

The upcoming project is a large community called Skyview, including five high-rise apartment blocks , a total of 923 housing units . 

The first phase of the housing construction program is to include 428 apartments of two buildings, respectively, called Phoenix and Hydra. The former 22-storey, a total of 201 sets of apartments, the latter 24 layers, there are 227 apartments. 

The project is located at 51 Old Castle Hill Rd, developed by Toplace and designed by Krikis Tayler Architects. 

The two buildings include one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom layout. One-bedroom apartment with an area of 54 to 58 square meters, the 

price of 59.5 million to 835,000 Australian dollars; two-bedroom apartment price of 820,000 to 120.5 million Australian dollars, an area of 79 to 91 square meters; three-bedroom apartment price of 106 To $ 1.76 million, an area of 100 to 108 square meters. The outdoor area is not included. 

Toplace general manager Jean Massif said, Skyview's target customers are homeowners and big rooms for small houses. "The project is suitable for homeowners because it is close to public facilities such as the Castle Towers shopping center," Massit said. 

"We feel that the Hills area also has a lot of big room for the small house buyer's market, people sell the original house at the best price, and then buy the apartment, leaving the money." 

"Due to the growth of Hills' real estate, real estate in the region has brought considerable value to investors." 

"These five buildings will form a whole community, and Hidra and Phoenix are located on the north side with a variety of public facilities nearby." 

Ian Bennett from Colliers International said buyers will be attracted by the lifestyle provided by the new high-rise building. 

He said the "resort-style facilities" under the project plan would be another strong selling point. 

Bennett said the public facilities include a swimming pool, an outdoor gym, a children's playground, a rooftop terrace with barbecue area and large open green spaces. 

Skyview also has an area of 8,000 square meters, 185 guest parking spaces and 923 bike storage. 


Phoenix and Hydra two apartment buildings will be built in 2018 and is expected to be completed by 202 

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